Kitsap County District Court ePortal


District Court provides this ePortal to allow attorneys and self-represented litigants to electronically file documents for cases previously filed and to electronically file new cases. Attorneys, self-represented litigants and the public may also electronically search for and view court files, documents and court actions through the ePortal.

e-Filing Access

In order to electronically file documents and cases with the Court, or to electronically search for and view a case, you will need to create an eFiling user account.

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All Documents must be in PDF

Any documents filed through the ePortal are required to be in PDF (Portable Document Format) because the software cannot accept documents in Microsoft Word or other formats.

ePortal user guides and aids:

Proposed Orders update 3/19/2024

“Proposed” documents are now viewable through the District Court Journal ePortal after they are uploaded to the ePortal. This applies to both criminal and civil “Proposed” document titles (there are 130 “Proposed” document titles available through the ePortal).

However, a “Proposed” document is not filed. A “Proposed” document will become filed after it is reviewed and accepted by the Court. Once accepted, the “Proposed” portion of the document title will be removed, the document will be signed by a judge if necessary, and the document will be stamped as “Filed”.

Mandatory ePortal use by Attorneys

Effective November 13, 2023, attorneys are required to file documents and new cases through the ePortal. Failure to comply may result in the assessment of a $50 fee for each document not filed with the Court through the ePortal. Attorneys may apply to the Court for a waiver of the requirement to eFile documents or cases. Kitsap County District Court Local Rule LGR 30.1.

Self-represented litigants may but are not required to use the ePortal.

Link to - Application for eFiliing Waiver

Mandatory District Court Website Pattern Forms

The Court has uploaded many online pattern forms to its website to assist attorneys and self-represented litigants. Link to the Kitsap Disctrict Court Forms Page.

All attorneys and litigants are required to use District Court pattern forms if the form is available on the District Court website. Failure to comply will result in the non-District Court pattern form being rejected for filing. Kitsap County District Court Local Rule LGR 30.1(k).

If no District Court website pattern form exists, attorneys and self-represented litigants are strongly encouraged to use pattern forms located at the Washington Courts website.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive personal information must be removed or redacted from a document before the document is filed. The Court may impose sanctions for including restricted personal identifiers such as – social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, telephone numbers, financial account numbers, or a date of birth of a minor child. See General Rule (GR) 22.

Note – Information provided on a Litigant Confidential Information Form is permitted and may be required to be filed. This form will not be viewable to attorneys, self-represented litigants or the public through the ePortal.